Part II: Packaging Consumer Shifts and Trends

By Lata Sankaran

Part II: Smart Packaging

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The pandemic has converted many compulsive shopaholics and reluctant online shoppers into accepting the digital mode of interacting with brands. We now witness interesting ways in which technology is integrated with packaging.

In fact, it has become a strong enabler for brands to communicate product information and engage with the customers beyond the pack. Which is where we come to our key question: How are brands leveraging smart technology in packaging to enable consumers to interact with products beyond the pack?

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First, there is heightened consciousness regarding matters of hygiene and safety. ‘Intelligent packaging’ allows consumers to stay informed about key parameters that add to their well-being and care. Consumers also love personalization, which brands can now increasingly cater to with the application of smart tech that is integrated with packaging.

At Elephant Design, we’ve constantly believed that trends involving tech almost always don’t remain passing fads — they become essential in the long run. This is doubly so for businesses that change, innovate and disrupt industries. For instance, the education sector has changed drastically as a result of the pandemic. Teaching and learning scenarios are no longer the same.

Given the lack of contact and play with peers in the new confines of home, continuous engagement and motivation have been a point of concern for parents and teachers alike.

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Based on the principle of ‘Learn through Play’, Plezmo is an open-ended platform devised to enable children to learn new concepts in coding and mechanics through experiences relevant to their day to day lives.

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We made the pack elements transformative, where they evolve into DIY story kits, striking the right balance between entertainment and education. These kits allow children the opportunity to physically realize their ideas and topics of interest.

With digital integration, the kit empowers children to build and grow both: offline, within their own spaces, and online, within their learning communities. As a result, we’ve found that with Plezmo, children can experience one of the most rewarding and enjoyable formats of learning where their ideas can actually come to life.