Elephant at Pune Design Festival 2023

Knowledge and creativity are essential for both: personal and collective growth in the world of design. But how do we go about acquiring those? At Elephant, collaboration and resource-sharing are the pillars of our functioning - and we believe them to be the best catalysts for consistent evolution.

This also happens to be the central premise for the Pune Design Festival. Several members of the team attended the 17th Edition - whose ecstatic faces you can see - and actively engaged with the sessions, workshops, panel discussions and more. Our future-focused approach also found common ground with PDF's theme for 2023: a futurist agenda for design in the next 25 years for India and the world. 

Watching the design community come together as one to network, exchange ideas, celebrate creativity and discuss innovative methods of problem-solving was a sight to behold. We look forward to keeping this creative momentum going within our community, as well other fora and festivals aimed at the finer intersections of creativity and design!