Furniture and Building Product Systems

Furniture Design is a vast, highly-specialized field within the realm of Industrial Design. At Elephant, we do not adhere to the vastly simplified, encyclopedic definition of furniture that often involves using words like accessories, equipment, or movable objects. We believe in combining innovation, aesthetic sensibilities, material science, and functionality to create meaningful tactile experiences within a built environment. The moment when a human user directly interacts with our design concepts is crucial for us.

Our range of offerings isn't simply limited to this aspect of the built environment. We design and develop product systems, which refer to the architectural hardware used in building spaces: drainage systems to hinges, windowpanes to heating. We recognize this is a niche yet widely evolving world of largely system-oriented products that integrate with existing infrastructure.

Elephant's expertise as a furniture design studio involves developing concepts that can either be mass-produced or bespoke for the commercial, industrial and domestic spheres. We use a multidisciplinary approach that prioritizes function, but aesthetics, the socio-cultural context for usability, spatial considerations, material properties, and core design principles are all equally important.

We obsessively study the relationship between the built environment, the people, and systems to make life easy for people to use these spaces in various accessible, intuitive ways.