Our Story

You’ve probably seen some of our work and gone through our projects. But to fully understand us and our culture, we’d like to tell you our story…

Once upon a time, in a land far away, lived six blind men. (this isn’t us yet, but do read on)

We’re pretty sure you’ve heard some version of this tale, where they all meet an elephant but have no clue what the creature is! Each one feels a different part of its body and reaches his own conclusion.

The man who felt a leg, thinks the animal is like a pillar. The one who felt the elephant’s trunk thinks it’s a tree branch. One of the blind men feels the tail and thinks of a rope! All of these men only touch one part of the elephant and begin to argue over what the animal really resembles. If you think about it, they’re all right in their own ways, they only need to come together for the bigger picture!

We consider ourselves the Elephant (Yes, thats how we were named too!). We have an immensely talented pool of people in our team, each one with their own individuality and opinions. We strive to provide a space for everyone to come together, trust each other and work together to help the Elephant emerge.

Teamwork is very highly valued at Elephant. Here, no one person owns an idea. The idea is simply the product of a highly dedicated team of individuals, who come together as one.


Today, Elephant personifies persistent efforts over three decades to establish importance of design with Indian industry.
— Ashish Deshpande