Product Design

At Elephant Design, we create products that meet both: user and business needs, focusing on the complete lifecycle of the Product Design process. Ultimately, our offerings in this bracket are designed and developed with a human-centric approach. The purpose is to ensure that the product aligns with and humanizes technological gains. 

A holistic suite of Product Design company offerings

In our capacity as a product design company, we go beyond Product design and understand its placement within the larger Industrial Design process. Our tailor-made mechanisms include: research & enquiry, market understanding, product design & platform strategy, ideation, detailing & design engineering, user testing and targeted troubleshooting during the tooling & pilot phases. Our long history of designing consumer products and developing productive, lasting relationships with our clients cements our position as the go-to product design agency that tailors to a variety of ever-changing requirements.  

Our process successfully aligns business and user needs alike, but always within the ambit of what is feasible where all technical possibilities are considered. 

We help develop aspects of a product that create emotional connections with the end user. They integrate all aspects of form, fit and function that are optimized to create the best possible user experience. The Industrial Design team works to create a distinct visual language that can withstand the test of time and ensure that the product is ergonomically suited to fit the user, including how they will functionally relate, interface or live with the product.

Industrial Design Objectives

Our essential objectives within the ambit of Industrial Design drive innovation and enable brands to realize their business goals by designing and creating the most important representation for any business: The Product. 

Our services also encapsulate the two key innovations that often govern product development: The Demand-Pull and the Invention-Push. Demand-Pull, as the name indicates, is the innovation that occurs when there are well-documented, researched forms of demand already existing in the market, which in turn will be satisfied by our product design offerings. Many product design companies will try to fulfill this function, as it is easier to cater to what is known, or has been identified. 

Alternatively, the innovation-push form occurs when technology, new tools and advancements in research offer new possibilities that result in the development of an entirely new product whose need was not felt up until it was introduced. This is something Elephant has historically been known for and can be witnessed in our extensive product portfolio.   

However, beyond these facets, our ultimate goal is to drastically improve the quality of life for all our end users through our creations, ushering in a better tomorrow by keeping scalability, feasibility and sustainability in mind.

The Balancing Act

Misconceptions often plague the product design agency space, where creativity and creative processes are valued above all. However, our experience and acumen in the realm have led us towards placing equal importance on pragmatism and analytics. 

From material choices to optimizing manufacturing costs, from aesthetics to ergonomics – our rigorous approach does not discriminate, and strives to create an elegant balance that results in the most prudent, satisfactory approach for all stakeholders involved.

The Double Diamond

We utilize the Double Diamond product design process. A widely verified, accepted and legitimized process, its all-encompassing nature is clearly showcased through its four comprehensive phases: 

  1. Discover: For any product design company, assumptions are dangerous – especially if they are not backed up with proper research. The Discovery phase helps us understand the problems prevalent within the given industry, or space. Our understanding is also augmented by exhaustively interacting with end users who are directly impacted by the issue at hand.

  2. Define: After having garnered valuable, unbiased insights from the Discover phase, we can now accurately define the problem. This serves two purposes: eliminating the problems that don’t need our attention while prioritizing those that are essential and pertinent to the solutions we seek to develop.

  3. Develop: The development phase provides added direction and focus. The best product design studio follows a process that is human-centric. This involves extensive definition of user personas and the context within which these myriad users will interact with our proposed solutions – and we are no exception. Physical prototyping and subjecting the prototype to rigorous iterations based on changing situational dynamics is all par for the course.

  4. Deploy: For products to work as they are intended to; testing is not a choice. It is a basic necessity. This phase determines the product’s usability in the environment it was intended for. With continuous iterations and improvements as per benchmarking and detailed customer inputs in the mix, this phase ensures that the product contains the right set of features, aesthetics and usability that work and weeds out those that don’t.

Product Design: A Team-based Affair 

At Elephant, our product design team is experienced in identifying customer needs, concept generation, product architecture, Industrial design, and design-for-manufacturing. This covers the entire gamut of services within the industrial and product design company frameworks. 

However, we also acknowledge that a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary to develop product experiences that will truly stick. This is why we liberally synergize our processes while borrowing from the expertise of different teams that are part of our work-space and ecosystem. This augments our existing multifaceted approach, where our dedicated suite of services will rival that of the best product design agency you can find. 

One of the most essential examples of this is the Design Engineering team, which dovetails with the Industrial Design team as part of the Product design process. Their focus on material, technology, functions and design for manufacture and generating production worthy CAD data considerably augments the phases in our Double-Diamond approach. 

To summarize, our position and legacy as a product design company ensures that we create a culture of success and benefit for all our stakeholders. In the spirit of the Industrial Design mindset, we always strive to look at our future in an optimistic manner. Here, innovation, technology, research, business and end consumers are all linked cohesively to create value that withstands the test of time. 

Technology is wonderful, magical. All it needs is a human touch. This is exactly the role of design.
— Ashish Deshpande